Convert OST to PST - Recover Corrupt OST to PST
About OST File

MS Outlook uses OST(Offline Storage Table) to store and view offline Outlook Exchange Servers files. There are mainly two scenarios when the Outlook's OST file communicates with the Exchange server:
First, with Microsoft Exchange Server's Cached Exchange Mode,
Second, with the Outlook Connector for Windows Live Hotmail. 
Basically the OST file is the mirror image of the Exchange Server folders. And they only works with the conjunction with the Exchange Server during the synchronization. 
The storage of OST file always resides in the backend. 
Why OST File Gets Corrupted

There are lots of reason behind a corrupt OST file. But the main reasons are:
  1. As the OST file works as a mirror image of the Exchange Server, then if by mistake if you remove the profile when the server is not attached then there's a chance that your OST file may be corrupted,
  2.  The second reason is while not in sync, if the internal structure of the profile is altered or the file gets deleted/damaged then the OSt file may gets corrupted. 
Whatever the reason if your OST file is corrupt then you will get an error message like this:
Why Convert OST to PST

  • The main thought behind the conversion is for retrieval of all the lost Outlook emails to continue the impeded online communication. 
  • If anytime the user wants to work online or share his OST file with another user without synchronization with Exchange or Unavailability of exchange, then the user won't be able to do so because OST files are offline storage tables. 
  • The most important reason is, if the OST file gets corrupted, then the Outlook or Exchange Server won't be able to recover your emails, the only way to recover your old emails by using a tool called OST Recovery
Features of OST Recovery Tool

The main features of the tool are:
  1. The tool maintains the originality of data even after OST to PST conversion.
  2.  No need to previously install email client on local machine.
  3.  If you have the attachments attached with the email, all of your attachments can be accessed after the OST to PST conversion.
  4. If your OST file is orphaned, then you do not need to worry about this as you still can recover the emails by using the tool.
  5. Most importantly, the meta tags of your email will be kept intact even after the conversion.  
  6. Not only PST, you can also convert your OST file to other formats like: MSG, EML, MBOX etc.

If you're excited about the product and give it a try then you will get an option to download the software with a limited features. If you like the tool and and want to unlock fully, then you can also purchase the full version of the software. 
To know more and download, please click on this link:  Convert OST to PST

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